With the winter blues upon us, waking up for class is not so enjoyable and even less enjoyable, is slipping out of our pajamas that are oh so cozy. Not to fear however, the winter blues won’t last forever! Our furry friend spotted his shadow so spring is on the way (hopefully). In the meantime, I’ve found a Fashionista who has the chilly weather wrapped around her finger. She has the perfect look to get you through class feeling comfy and stylish as ever. This look is sure to leave you feeling confident which is so important for class. After all, if you feel good you are sure to do good.

Every Fashionista has a go-to plaid shirt that is hard to resist on these chilly days. They are a staple to any Fashionista’s closet. Even better, plaid shirts are one of the most versatile pieces to own. This Fashionista has chosen to deck her look out in a way that is perfect for class. She paired her blue plaid shirt with a pair of green cargo pants (one of my favorite pieces in my own closet). Over her shirt, she has an off-white vest with a gold zipper that catches your eye right away.

Her beige booties are the perfect shoe to pair with this outfit. The color works great with both the green in the pants and the blue in the shirt. She also is wearing a simple necklace and a leather bracelet with gold accents. To finish off the look she tops it off with a black and gold-rimmed pair of sunglasses. Looking preppy and cute, confident and comfy, this Fashionista is ready for class! With this look you can feel confident in taking on any class whether it is an early morning one or a long night class (with maybe a cup of coffee of course).

One Simple Change: Done with class for the day and ready for a night out? Going to a new restaurant or hanging out with friends? Swap the vest out for an edgy leather jacket. This will take your look from class ready to night out ready in seconds.