So as I’ve returned to the University of Delaware for my final semester, which you can imagine to be extremely bittersweet, I’ve been really trying to step up my dressing game for class. However, with knowing that after my May 30th graduation date, a business-casual dress code awaits me, it is hard to pull myself out of indulging in my favorite clothing combination of cozy sorority sweatshirts, some form of athletic leggings and white Converse. In an effort to prevent this from occurring any further, I’ve looked to fellow Delaware Fashionistas for inspiration, cue my first Fashionista of the semester.

This Fashionista may appear to be “seasonally aggressive,” but as Delaware weather has been experiencing indescribable mood swings, this is an outfit that is perfect for transitioning to the rapidly approaching spring season. T-shirt dresses are what most of my fellow college students go to. Why? They are so easy to dress up and dress down. You can accessorize and change the vibe with a simple shoe change or by adding a jacket or cardigan.

On top of the versatility, it’s roomy and comfortable for sitting in those long lectures. I love the way this Fashionista took a basic T-shirt dress and added a denim jacket to make it more relaxed and warmer for the early spring, along with some leopard print slip-ons to add some fun, show her personality and keep it casual.

One Simple Change: So what if this Fashionista wanted to wear change up this outfit to wear it to a brunch on Delaware’s local restaurant haven known as Main Street? She could take off the slip-ons and put on some heeled booties to add some subtle dressiness.