We can finally begin transitioning out of winter wear! We’ve just about exhausted all the legging and sweater combinations our closets can possibly offer and our bodies are begging to breathe! It’s time to swap all that heavy clothing for lightweight T-shirts and high-waisted, holey jeans.

I love how this Fashionista paired her favorite distressed jeans with a basic, loose-fitting top. The subtly cropped T-shirts met her jeans just right, which makes it totally appropriate to wear to class. Despite the fact that a jacket tied around the waist was a distinct soccer mom look at one time, it is my absolute favorite trend to follow these days. No shame!

A pair of white Converse, like this Fashionista is wearing, is great staple to have in your closet. They go with just about anything and they come out as good as new if you throw them in the wash after they get dirty! You just can’t go wrong with giving into the white Converse craze. They would be a great addition to any Fashionista’s closet.

All of these simple pieces come together effortlessly. Play around with the basics your closet and put your own spin on this look! Use what you have to achieve a version that’s suitable for you!

One Simple Change: This outfit can be transformed for an evening in the blink of an eye. Planning on hanging out with some friends right after class? Whether you’re getting a quick bite to eat at a restaurant or celebrating late into the night, you should be prepared for the temperature to drop after the sun goes down. Throw on that cardigan you’ve got tied around your waist and switch the Converse for a pair of open-toe booties.