March 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

The weather in Philly has been erratic to say the least. One minute we’re bundled up in ankle length puffy coats fighting a blizzard and the next we’re ditching our sweaters for T-shirts. As the weather fluctuates so quickly from freezing to relatively warm and then blustering cold again, it’s hard to create outfits that have a warmer weather feel without abandoning our winter wardrobes all together. This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect example how to dress for the next season by incorporating new pieces while still squeezing out some final last uses from our cold weather clothes.

I found this Fashionista on her way back from class, and her casually cute outfit inspired me to feature her. Light wash jeans are a welcome departure from the dark washes of winter time, and lighten up her outfit—giving it more of a “spring” feel. Similar jeans to this look can be found here. Her soft, maroon striped cotton long sleeve T-shirt provides a pop of color and an added layer of warmth while pairing perfectly with her fitted, trendy military-inspired jacket. On those weird off days when class doesn’t require a backpack full of books, a small leather purse like this one allows you to carry around the necessities without feeling like you forgot something.

This outfit is a stylish example of a casual and fashionable look that easily makes the transition from winter to spring by drawing pieces from both seasons.

One Simple Change: Lucky enough to live in 70-degree weather? Swap the light wash jeans for distressed jean shorts for and some comfy leather sandals like these.