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March 10th, 2016 at 2:07am

With the mental and physical exhaustion that the college lifestyle brings, the trend towards opting for comfort over style has started to become the norm. Especially for that early bird 8:00 a.m. and night owl 7:00 p.m. class, casualwear is a priority for collegiate students. But why does your personal style have to be compromised for comfort? Let’s apply the Goldilocks principle and find a happy medium between the two that is “just right.” One word that comes to mind when I think of creating the ultimate comfy-chic is: athleisure. As I walk around campus, I see that athletic pieces are steadily making their way out of the gym and into everyday wardrobes. This observation leads me to conclude that combining activewear with casualwear is a simple and convenient way to take your outfit worn to class to another level.

This Fashionisto perfectly exemplifies the athleisure trend in his look for class. His black joggers and striped T-shirt are breathable, movable pieces that make climbing the hills and stairs of Lehigh less tiresome. For a stylish add flare to his outfit, this Fashionisto adds a denim jacket and combat boots. He completes his look with jewelry accessories that include rings, bracelets and a necklace.

During those dreaded classes that do not have a clock in the room, the time seems to move at a glacial pace. Wearing arm candy, such as the Fashionisto’s watch, is appropriate for class because not only can you countdown the time until your lunch break, but also you can keep track of how much time is left if you have an exam that day (and look stylish of course). Overall, this Fashionisto’s versatile outfit, in addition to his ‘90s inspired high-top fade, show that he is truly a class act!

One Simple Change: Done with class and ready to start your workout at the gym? Swap the combat boots for your favorite pair of sneakers and you’re good to go.