As college students, we never know what tomorrow brings. One day we feel on top of the world, energized and have that extra pep in our step. Then the next day we’re sleep deprived, groggy and struggling to find our way to class. College is like one big guessing game, but one thing we can be sure to keep consistent is what we decide to throw on our backs day in and day out. For this Fashionisto, his main goal is functionality. Whether he’s on top of his game or has been up all night studying for his latest midterm, he is sure to wear whatever gets the job done.

This look is all about comfort and style put into one. From head to toe this Fashionisto is looking fly. He starts his look for class by pairing a slightly oversized T-shirt with a pair of Bullhead denim pants that can be found at the PacSun nearest you. These pants do it all for this Fashionisto because of their trendy fit, material and color, but also give him enough room to breath when crammed into some tight university classrooms. On his feet, he sports his latest pair of adidas sneakers to get him from Point A to Point B, not to mention that adidas are all the rage right now. Then, to top off his look (literally) he throws on a black Polo baseball cap to complete his outfit.

One Simple Change: Looking to take this look from day to night? Ditch the backpack, swap out the oversized T-shirt for a collared shirt and throw on some nice shoes for a fresh dinner date ensemble.