Since the weather has been laughing at all of us these past few months, trying to decide what to wear has to been a challenge to every Fashionista/o. Waking up each day and wondering if we have to wear a spring or winter jacket is a burden that we are all facing together. Luckily, with staple pieces, you can rock the indecisive weather like it isn’t nothing when going to class.

Basic staples can build a wardrobe that can last through every season. Having strong pieces in your wardrobe lets any Fashionista/o still be trendy yet prepared for the weather. Even in a pinch of rushing to class, any Fashionista/o can conquer class and not reach for sweatpants everyday.

This Fashionisto crushed the art of being comfy while also looking dapper when going to class. He wore a comfy hoodie underneath as a basis as to not to distract or complete with with olive jacket and pants. This Fashionisto took a risk of wearing two different greens in an outfit together, but the hues of green in this outfit just work together and create a dynamic look. He rounded out the look with naturals in his brown shoes and watch that complimented the outfit and not compete with the colors.

One Simple Change: Not everyone has the courage or the fashion eye to see that mixing the same colors in different shades in one outfit is a beautiful thing. So, one simple change you can make to this outfit would to either switch out the Barbour Jacket for a leather jacket to add a cool dark element to the outfit or the Fashionsto can just skip the colored pants and go for some dark jeans to blend the outfit together as well.