The alarm clock is blaring in your ear and you look over as it reads 8:00 a.m.: am I still dreaming? Sighing and realizing that this is real life and you actually need to get up and get dressed for class can sometimes be a brutal reality. However, this Fashionisto proved how easy it is to quickly and easily put together a very laid back yet sleek outfit to impress those strangers during your long day ahead.

Gym shoes are a necessary piece to have as a part of any wardrobe. Dressing up gym shoes for your day outfit and then wearing them to work out is truly a double whammy. He paired his classic high top Vans with an amazing pair of light wash jeans that are definitely making a comeback. Speaking of comebacks, adidas has been on the rise again and giving Nike a run for their money. The adidas symbol has been seen everywhere! I have spotted the original Superstars as well as classic hoodies being brought back. Retro is in, folks. 

To complete this outfit, this Fashionisto topped it off with a flannel. You can never go wrong with a checkered flannel to keep you warm and trendy. He also added a simple windbreaker to complete this very causal outfit. Simple is better. I sound like a broken record, but it is the truth.

Weather in the middle of February in the midwest can usually be bipolar. One day it will be sunny and 45 degrees and the next day it will be ten degrees and snowing. So be prepared to dress up or dress down your outfit weather related. However, keep it simple and layer, layer, layer! I am a huge fan of layering because it puts together the outfit and never goes out of style. Even Justin Bieber has kept the layering look going and if he is layering, then I know all guys will follow…Maybe.

One Simple Change: Dress up the outfit for a weekend brunch and switch out the Adidas shirt for a gray V-neck T-shirtand the windbreaker for a cargo jacket to get you in the mood for chirping birds and blossoming flowers.