As I have come in to college, I have realized that many days as a student consist of late nights and early mornings. The majority of us stumble out of bed at 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. in a groggy state of mind and throw on yoga pants or a T-shirt and race out the door to make it to class on time. I think we all seek to be comfortable, but there is a way to be comfortable and fashionable! My friend loves to combine these two with his style.

I constantly get style inspiration from this Fashionisto. He loves going more urban-grunge and combining unexpected elements together. This tan sweater is a great piece to start out with. It is great for layering; espically for winter. He pairs it with his signature black skinny jeans but adds a denim shirt underneath for extra detail. To combat the colder weather, he wears these unique leather boots and then finishes the look off with a leather wrap bracelet. He is ready to walk to class and feel not only comfortable but also stylish all day. This outfit is practical and shows that it’s easy for anyone to do the same thing in his or her own way. I think switching up the colors of the sweater and the pants make for a completly different look. If you tend to be more preppy, opt for a khaki pant and a bold sweater. The combinations are endless!

One Simple Change: Take off the sweater and add the denim shirt to transition from winter to spring!