During the cold winter months of the spring semester, it can be hard to want to wear anything except an old, oversized sweatshirt to class every day. However, it’s always good to make (and keep) a good impression; you certainly don’t want people to think you’re a slob every day! It’s not as hard as it looks, though, to look presentable for class. I’m not talking complicated hair styles and uncomfortable, tight clothes. You can wear simple, comfortable pieces and still look polished and ready to go. Check out this Fashionista’s incredibly simple, yet still chic, look for classes.

This Fashionista started off her look with a simple striped black and white shirt. It’s easy to match with the rest of your outfit and it’s enough without looking like you tried too hard. Add an oversized cardigan (this Urban Outfitters one is very similar to the one this Fashionista is wearing) to keep you comfortable and warm. Plus, with the unguessable classroom temperatures, it’s always nice to have layers.

Another key element of this Fashionista’s look that makes it great for class is the sunglasses. While you may not actually wear them in class, they’re great for walking in between classes. Believe it or not, winter snow reflects the sun quite a bit, so you’d actually probably want sunglasses even more often in the winter, yet people tend to think they’re a summer essential. This Fashionista is wearing Ray-Bans; the neutral color is great because you can wear them every day and they’ll still complement your entire look.

A couple pieces of jewelry go a long way in looking put together for class. The two layered necklaces this Fashionista chose, paired with this neutral lip color, add an extra touch to make it clear that you didn’t just roll out of bed and, instead, actually look quite fashionable (even if you’re sitting in an 8:00 a.m. stats class).

This Fashionista completed her look with ripped jeans and comfortable ankle boots. The ripped jeans add a bit of an edgy style, but they’re still put together enough that they’re appropriate for class.

One Simple Change: Just finished class and have to head to an internship? Swap out the jeans for dress pants (and maybe the cardigan for a blazer if you’re looking to dress it up a bit more) and you’re ready to go!