March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

The middle of the winter can be a drag. Especially when you have to wake up for your 8 a.m. and walk out in the cold. Being a college student, it is so easy to forget about style and throw on a solid pair of leggings, your college sweatshirt, a long parka and winter boots. However, it is possible to look cute and comfy while going to class.

This Fashionista has shown us just how to be comfy while still having style. She is dressed in mainly black and white, but added a statement piece with her patterned leggings. By dressing in black and white floral leggings, she made her look eye-catching. Wearing patterns can take your outfit to the next level by making it bolder. She kept her top neutral with a warm black sweater. This tones down the Hunter Boots. They work perfectly in the snow, especially when the ground is wet. She paired her outfit with a cute wool jacket.

This jacket dresses up her outfit even more. A wool jacket is classic, elegant and sophisticated. And the final thing she added to her look was her vibrant backpack. This Fashionista loves to stand out with her brightly colored bag. It brightens everyones day and it makes her stick out in the crowd. This Fashionista is ready to go to class!

One Simple Change: If you’re done with classes for the day, you can try changing the floral leggings to a nice pair of jeans and add a statement necklace for lunch or coffee date with your friends. This will make your outfit more sophisticated and appropriate for a restaurant-setting.