February 24th, 2016 at 2:10am

There has been this huge change in weather in the past few days in Santa Cruz. When we say drastic change in Santa Cruz, we just mean that it changed from 50-degree weather to the mid-70’s. I saw students wearing lots of layers one day, then the next day people were wearing shorts and tank tops. While the weather is nice, students are taking advantage of being able to wear fewer layers to class!

This Fashionista knew exactly how to pull off a laidback look for this warm day. She did not go from the all winter wardrobe to a complete summer outfit but instead blended a bit of both seasons. This Fashionista wore some lighter acid wash jeans that are loose and high-waisted. She pairs a black cropped tank top with her mom jeans, for a simple, but cool look. Since the weather is not unbearably hot yet, this Fashionista throws on a slouchy denim shirt with rolled up sleeves for colder classrooms.

This Fashionista is wearing a bold statement necklace that changes her outfit to a totally unique look. Her necklace is a beautiful western-looking piece, with eye-catching colors like turquoise, red and a lighter blue. Along with this amazing staple item, she is wearing a pair of mustard-colored Birkenstocks, that are totally comfortable, but also an uncommon color that obviously looks amazing with this outfit. Her sunglasses definitely complete this relaxed look and are perfect to wear while walking to classes.

This Fashionista knew exactly how to make a strong impression from her day-to-day look. She made the transition from winter to spring dressing, look incredibly effortless, but amazing nonetheless.

One Simple Change: To change this outfit from day to night, switch up the light colored jeans for some dark moto pants and go for a flashier statement necklace.