February 24th, 2016 at 2:00am

So you pressed snooze a few more times than expected and now no longer have time to think this morning. How are you supposed to have time to be fashionable for an 8:00 a.m. class when you don’t even have time to make your morning coffee? The answer is hat, sneakers, bomber jacket, repeat. This method is just as simple as throwing on a sweatshirt but the outcome is drastically superior.

This lovely Fashionista is rocking some basic black leggings and tank for the base of the outfit. Her crisp white Nike Air Max Thea sneakers add some brightness to her outfit without being too crazy for class. Now for the star of the show: the Topshop bomber jacket. This staple adds such a dope vibe to her laid back look with the gold hardware detailing. Now if you are anything like me and tend to push the limit on how many days you can reach for the dry shampoo, then a hat will be your best friend when it comes to class. The leather lid on this hat is another subtle detail that adds some personal style to her look. Throw on some black Ray-Ban aviators to hide those dark circles that you didn’t have time to conceal and you’re out the door!

One Simple Change: When you’re an Arizona Fashionista, you have to be prepared to only get a limited amount of time with your winter wardrobe before you blink and it’s 100 degrees again. To get the same effect of a bomber jacket in warmer weather, switch it out for a distressed band T-shirt.