Hello Fashionistas/os! I spotted this Fashionisto on campus sporting the perfect cold weather outfit for class. Here in Oregon the weather is pretty temperamental, but nothing a few layers and weatherproof items can’t fix. This Fashionisto is wearing a long sleeve Henley T-shirt that is relatively thin; if his classrooms have the heat blaring, all he needs to do is take his cute navy Bomber jacket off to be comfortable in class.

To complement his top half style, this Fashionisto is wearing some faded Levi Brand Jeans that have stretch and are perfect for walking around campus. He is also wearing some Asics Gel Lyte shoes that keep that pep in his step while he walks from class to class. Another helpful tip for keeping those pesky New Year’s resolutions is to invest in a Fitbit watch like this guy. He is sporting the HR Charge Fitbit, which tracks your steps taken in a day, your heart rate, sleep cycle, and more. It is also a simple and classic fashion statement, in addition to being a practical tool to help you meet your fitness goals.

Now that we’ve talked about the rest of his outfit, we must discuss the most important accessory—his backpack. You can’t go to class without a #RAD backpack. This compact 5.11 Tactical Rush 12 pack offers space and organization for all of your essential items you need on your daily commute to class. It is water resistant and is made for comfort on your back. Although it is almost always raining here in Oregon, there are times that the sun is out and shining; these Knockaround Fort Knock sunglasses are polarized and will make sure your eyes are protected from those strong rays, while still looking stylish and cool.

One Simple Change: To make this look weather proof for rain or snow switch out the Asics Gel Lyte shoes and put on a pair of adidas Sneaker Boots. Also you can switch the bomber jacket to a rain jacket for maximum protection from any cold winter conditions.