College is a challenging time for most students. Between strict professors, endless homework assignments and dreaded exams, it can seem tempting to throw in the towel and spend your four years binge-watching Netflix. However, no matter how stressed out you get, your wardrobe shouldn’t have to suffer. So before you slip into those sweatpants and admit defeat, take a look at this Fashionisto’s look and get inspired.

I’m not sure what his GPA is, but this Fashionisto gets an A+ in layering with this relaxed cotton hoodie paired perfectly underneath a fitted wool peacoat. Layering is an awesome strategy for the unpredictable weather we’ve been experiencing because you can easily shed clothing throughout the day. This outfit is great for class because it’s both comfortable and stylish, proving that it’s pretty hard to look sloppy in a peacoat. A pair of straight-leg denim jeans tells the world that you are not in fact wearing your pajamas to class, which some days is a triumph in itself.

No student’s wardrobe is complete without a supportive pair of shoes that can take you back and forth across campus. These canvas Nike sneakers are both durable and sleek and really help pull the outfit together.

This Fashionisto does a great job of mixing style with function in this casual look.

One Simple Change: When winter is over and you no longer need the warmth of your peacoat, just swap it out for a padded vest and you’re all set for spring!