Southern Illinois weather is strange and unpredictable in the winter months. One day it will be freezing cold; the next, it will be 50 degrees out. Basically, Southern Illinois weather forces a person to be very adaptable when it comes to fashion choices. A Fashionista or a Fashionisto on Southern Illinois University’s campus needs to know how to dress for the weather but still create looks that are in style with the current fashion season.

This Fashionista totally conquered this idea. It was a warm, sunny day, but she didn’t reach for a spring outfit. Instead, she created a cozy, winter look that was perfect for walking from class to class all day. She started with a black romper layered over black tights. This Fashionista then layered a Hollister Co. denim button-up, which tied at the waist, over her romper. This is a great trick for those warmer winter days because top layers can easily be added or removed, depending on how warm or cold it is outside. It wasn’t particularly that hot on this day, so she added an infinity scarf as another layer of warmth. Her ensemble was super comfortable but still remained super stylish. I think that stylish comfort is an important necessity for a day packed with classes!

Another obvious necessity for a day of classes is accessories! This Fashionista added a pair of adorable Peter Pan-styled shoes. She is also quite aware that a backpack can add so much to the other pieces that are styled together. Everyone needs a backpack, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion sense for it! This Fashionista used a simple, black, Old Navy backpack with cognac details. Her bag choice was an incredible addition to the style and feel of the rest of her look. She is super ready for a comfortable yet stylish day of classes that is perfect for the unusual warm, winter weather in Southern Illinois!

One Simple Change: I love this look for a chaotic day of classes, but what if you have to go meet someone for a nice brunch after your morning class? To add a more sophisticated vibe, try layering a structured coat or jacket over the entire look. You could also ditch the Peter Pan’s and add a pair of classy ankle boots. Either way, you’ll be ready for whatever winter weather is thrown at you!