Winter can no longer be considered winter here in Ohio anymore. With the recent 50 degree weather, it’s more like spring in January. With the weird weather comes the struggle of what to wear to class. The mornings are cold and the afternoons are warm with the bright sun beating down. It is quite difficult to dress appropriately. The weather is constantly changing, therefor finding comfortable and stylish pieces can be a challenge.

The best part of the day, as I’m sure everyone already knows, is the return home from class. When the nice outfit you carefully picked out for class quickly changes into lounge sweats and fuzzy socks. I caught this Fashionisto headed home from a long day of classes.

He mastered looking cool, while still staying appropriate for the changing weather. His Cargo New York jogger pants, or a pair similar, allow for a comfortable fit with a relaxed, but put together look. Wearing a short sleeve BDG sweatshirt, or a newer style, gives warmth without overheating, because honestly who likes to sweat on their way to class? And his blue Vans, or another color, give some color to his overall look and are perfect for the ridiculous lack of snow. Separately these pieces are quite simple, but when pulled together they create a comfortable, but fashionable look for class. Class is not by any means a fashion show, but you want to look together and presentable, because when you look good you feel good.

One Small Change: In Ohio, the weather can change 20 degrees in a matter of one day, so layers are a great way to prepare for temperature change. I love this look for the warmer weather, but to get this to be more of a cold weather outfit, swap out the Vans for Dr. Marten’s black boots. Then change the short sleeve sweatshirt into a long sleeve hoodless one, or a T-shirt and sweatshirt. Lastly, add a winter coat if needed. Just a few minor changes and this look can be tailored to any crazy weather change.