February 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

So far, winter at Marist has been lacking, with hardly any snow yet on campus. For those of us who enjoy the warmer weather it is still a good thing that we do not have to break out our winter parka’s yet. Now is the last time we can get away with using out favorites from of our fall wardrobes while the weather still permits. Being comfy yet cute while sitting in classes for hours is something that is essential for every Fashionista to master.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect blend of sophistication and comfort that is perfect to wear to class. This ensemble is easy to replicate: just throw on your favorite pair of black jeans and a basic plain white T-shirt. Then, by adding a uniquely patterned kimono, you have the perfect look for class! Kimonos make the perfect addition to this outfit because it makes a comfy look into a stylish outfit that will make you presentable for class. To keep the bohemian look from the kimono, this Fashionista added a variety of gold necklaces and rings. Everyone knows that a comfy outfit is only as good as the shoes. This Fashionista clearly knows this because she finished off her comfy look by adding a worn in pair of combat boots. All together, this look combines fashion basics with a trendy piece to create the perfect for class!

One Simple Change: This outfit has more possibilities than just for class. By adding a warm winter coat over top and changing out the combat shoes for some booties, when it does start to get cold out, this outfit could be worn while into the winter for almost any occasion on the weekend.