February 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

As college students we have the opportunity to take part in some pretty incredible experiences. From learning about topics we’re passionate about to meeting new people everyday to possibly studying in a country a world away from home; we really are fortunate, but we would be lying to ourselves if we didn’t admit that we also have tough days. On those days, it can be quite the battle to get motivated to head to class, let alone decipher what to wear, but take it from street style photographer Bill Cunningham who has always said “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”

This Fashionista embraces this idea and ensures that her outfit is equipped to help her tackle the day ahead. Her outfit is perfectly polished, yet still laid back and cool for class. She pairs a Ralph Lauren button-down with black distressed denim. This combination isn’t one you would expect, but it works. She isn’t afraid to play around with unexpected pieces such as her peep-toe heels in the midst of winter or her white coat with touches of fur. She demonstrates that a classic button-down can be far from boring when being a little creative with styling.

This Fashionista elevates and personalizes her look by adding some final touches with her jewelry. She throws on a number of beautiful rings ranging from one with engraved initials to another featuring a gorgeous stone. Keeping everything balanced, she’s careful not to leave her wrists bare. She wears a gold watch on one wrist while layering two bracelets varying in texture on the other.

Regardless of whether today was one of those tough days or not, follow this Fashionista’s example and remember to keep fashion on your side, embrace it and let it work with you through some of those everyday setbacks that we all face.

One Simple Change: To take this look from day to night simply swap the refined button-down for an edgy black tank top and leather jacket.