First things first: I just need to say THANK YOU MOTHER NATURE for giving us the most mild winter I think I’ve ever been around to witness.  Last time I checked, 58 degrees mid-January was definitely not a thing, but you know what that means now, right?  No puffy, marshmallow, shape-proof jackets or ugly ski masks on the way to class (if you’re not from Ohio/New York, you just don’t understand). Then what might you be wearing on this mild winter day, you might ask? Luckily, this Fashionista knew exactly what to grab in order to stay warm AND stylish!

When you’re trapped in the wind tunnel here at Kent, it can be difficult to leave your dorm for class, or for any reason, in anything but a long winter parka and fluffy yarn beanie.  However, with the warmer whether, this Fashionista took the risk of using her blanket scarf as, well, a blanket.  I obviously don’t mean that literally, but with the warmth that a blanket scarf provides, it almost doubles as a shawl and a top layer in this Fashionista’s look.  One of the best parts about the scarf is that it dresses down the jewelry that this Fashionista is sporting so that it is a perfectly appropriate outfit for class.  Not to mention, the perfect complement to this patterned blanket scarf is the maroon beanie; it may look like just another garment to pull the outfit together, but guess what? This Fashionista’s ears won’t be freezing off on her 15 minute walk to biology.  Now, even though it is a tiny bit warmer, that doesn’t mean there is no snow on the ground, so this Fashionista tied her outfit together with a neutral tan winter boot.  The best part: the ankle of the boot is wrapped with some feminine yarn to make the boot more stylish than your average Joe Timberland boot. This Fashionista is ready to go to class looking super-chic, and not to mention, super warm.

One Simple Change:  A snow storm or blizzard is one hundred percent inevitable, so in order to be prepared for this likely event, this Fashionista can throw on a nice winter parka that will fall right to her knees. The scarf will be wrapped up in her jacket and she will be ready to face the cold!