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Out of the 12 months of the year, February is perhaps my least favorite. Lurking in the middle of winter, February is filled with ice, snow and the harrowing whimpers of the millions of singles as Valentine’s day quickly approaches. I’m not going to lie, usually my February is filled with ice cold cynicism as I walk from class to class with an attitude, dark lipstick and dark clothes listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey. As I walk, I notice firstly that the population of my campus must’ve shrunk immensely as it looks like a ghost town. And secondly, I notice that the poor souls who’ve braved the cold to go class look less like students, and more like penguins wrapped in a mix of either Patagonia or The North Face. I understand that frostbite is not trendy. I admit that as I live in an area where 50 degrees is considered “shorts weather,” when cold weather strikes I must choose function over fashion. But I’m a strong believer in having both.

Take notes from this Kent State Fashionista. She dons a cozy ensemble consisting of several neutral layers and a Starbucks latte. Her base is a simple pairing of a black and white sweater and black jeans. She throws on a tan scarf for a little embellishment, and adds a dark green overcoat for a little contrast. Finally she accessorizes the look with a simplistic black bag and black booties. The look is sweetly snug and innocent. This Fashionista proves that just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean you have to drop your style.

One Simple Change: Swap the booties for a fresh pair of white sneakers for a casual weekend look.