February 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Now that school is in full swing, we all have faced the struggle of wanting to roll out of bed and just attend class in slippers and that hoodie we haven’t washed in who knows how long. The obligations of school, work and watching Netflix sometimes can put us in an unfashionable funk. It becomes easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of homework and research papers so we often put our appearance on the back burner. Being comfy is obviously what all students seek when choosing an outfit for class. Nobody wants to run around campus in blistering shoes and an itchy sweater. Looking put together rather than just rushed out of bed will put you in better standings with your professors as well. This Fashionista shows how you can be comfortable and stylish even on your busiest campus days.

She kept her looks simple and relaxed on this chilly day in College Station. I loved how effortless she looked in a plain gray long sleeve shirt paired with a bright red cardigan. A basic cardigan is a lazy college student’s best friend. It gives a more polished look for class rather than a hoodie or sweatshirt but it still keeps you cozy and snug. Another favorite item of mine in this Fashionista’s look are her duck boots. Duck boots carry some resemblance to combat boots but with a water repellent bottom half. This gives the boots a more outdoorsy vibe and makes them great if you get caught in the rain while walking to class—perfect for Texas’ unpredictable weather!

To add even more trendiness to her relaxed ensemble she accessorized with a stylish fringe purse and classy Kendra Scott earrings. A cross-body bag is a functional accessory to throw on in addition to a backpack. Running to class, you need easy access to things in your purse and a cute fringe cross-body fits the bill. Lastly, I think her earrings add sophistication to her whole outfit and dresses it up slightly for a perfectly balanced outfit appropriate for class. She made going to class look comfortable, yet fashionable.

One Simple Change: Hey, why not treat yourself to a night out as a reward for making it to class today? By exchanging the boots for some red pumps you are ready to head over to nice dinner with friends after a long day of note taking and lectures.