February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s the fourth week of school and classes have finally started to pick up: our workloads are getting harder, our schedules are getting busier and the urge to throw on sweatpants and a hoodie is getting stronger. As college students, we often sacrifice an outfit to gain five more minutes of sleep and if I’m being honest, I’ve even done it a few times myself. Although an oversized T-shirt and a pair of running shorts is a perfectly acceptable option and is often seen around campus, it’s the outfits that exude confidence and style that draw my attention and make me excited to be a Style Guru.

This Fashionista’s outfit immediately caught my eye because she found the perfect compromise for Gainesville’s infamous not-cold but not-hot weather. With a simple pair of blue jeans, a pink floral shirt, black booties and a cool jacket, her outfit is both functional and fashionable. Paired with dark-rim sunglasses as her only accessory, this Fashionista’s outfit makes a statement without being too flashy. She’s all set to head to class looking cool and feeling comfortable, plus she can easily take on whatever challenge Gainesville’s weather brings on her way there.

Even though putting on an outfit just to sit through a lecture may seem like a mundane task, it really can make a difference in your whole day. I’ve come to realize that I’m much more eager to learn when I’m wearing a cute dress or a sweater and my favorite leather jacket.

One Simple Change: If you want to celebrate finally finishing a long day of classes by having a night out with your friends, try swapping the pink floral shirt for a black blouse to pull off an edgier and more mature look.