February 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

As spring semester begins here at Kent State, we realize that we actually have to dress for a winter climate instead of the desired spring. Even though it’s extremely difficult to get out of a warm bed at times, it’s not as hard to pick out both a comfortable and trendy outfit. You may find yourself wanting to throw on endless layers of sweats for those cold walks to class, but if you follow some points that this Fashionista made, you’ll find yourself in a beautifully cohesive outfit to take on a long day of class.

Keeping comfort in mind, this Fashionista paired an oversized Victoria’s Secret sweater with the go-to for class: black leggings. Although many people may wage the argument that “leggings are not pants,” you really do not have to be concerned with that as an oversized sweater takes up most of the body. Sweaters like this are not restricting at all, proving to be perfect for college students who have long walks to class in the cold and sit in lectures.

To accessorize her look, this Fashionista wore a knit headband with beading to be both practical and pretty. The gray knitting is consistent with the colors in the sweater, topped off with some beaded details to give her a little shine. I love the cold color palette that this Fashionista presents; it pairs perfectly with the typical gray and cloudy days in Ohio. However, the pop of color from her Rebecca Minkoff cross-body purse takes her outfit up a notch and helps her stand out. Finalizing a low key and trendy outfit, this Fashionista wore heeled ankle booties that give her outfit a classic finish, pulling together her clothes and accessories.

Don’t let the cold weather get you down if you go to school in a climate similar to these bitter Ohio days. Choose to spend an extra few minutes pairing cool pieces with comfortable and you’ll feel great through classes and all that your day entails afterward.

One Simple Change: If you’re like me and love to be able to take an outfit from day to night in ease, all you have to do is throw on a pair of dark wash jeans or a moto jacket to change up this look. Both of these options help to make this relaxed outfit more formal.