College is a time for turning up, staying out late and dreading having to roll out of bed for class the next morning. We’ll throw on our favorite pair of sweatpants and favorite sweatshirt as we journey to class on a cold, winter morning. As a college student, I can relate. We’re all so lazy! Is this the way we should be dressing to class each day? No! We should put on our cutest, yet most comfortable outfit to impress the cute boy that sits next to you in English class. Like this Fashionista, we need to dress to impress no matter how tired we may be because looking good and feeling good can only improve how we feel when learning and studying.

This Fashionista is rocking a casual, but very cute outfit for any day of learning. Even though each article of clothing is from a different store, this outfit can easily be copied due to its simplicity. With a cute pair of ripped jeans, a stripped sweater and a pair trendy sneakers, this Fashionista is showing the streets of Penn State how fashionable class can truly be. On those days when the sun is out and reflecting off the snow, a cool pair of sunglasses is a necessity to wear on your way to class. Even though a big, puffy jacket may hide this outfit when walking to and from classes, this Fashionista’s style is revealed once she takes off her jacket and shows everyone how one should dress when going to class. This Fashionista gets an A+ for style in the classroom.

One Simple Change: It’s Friday and your last class is finally over. You want to celebrate the start of the weekend by going out to dinner with a bunch of your friends? Go ahead and throw on a cute pair of boots; immediately a dressier feel is added to this outfit.