February 4th, 2016 at 2:00am

Managing to pick out an outfit that accurately goes with the weather is no easy task. Taking off a jacket that pulls your outfit together because the temperature decided to rise once again is one of the worst feelings ever, and freezing without a jacket for the sake of fashion is not always the best decision. This Fashionista was able to crack the code on layering up in midst of weather that changes daily.

Jumpsuits have come back into wardrobes everywhere in full force, and I couldn’t be more on board with this trend. While they are super fun and give an instant confidence boost, they aren’t always the most practical thing to wear. It just doesn’t feel right to show up to your 8:00 a.m. bio class wearing a strapless patterned jumpsuit, but that’s exactly why this Fashionista is absolutely killing it on campus. She was able to tone down her jumpsuit to be wearable for class while making it totally weather appropriate.

By combining a solid colored top that has a surprise design in the back allows the Fashionista to have a much more casual look while still having the power of wearing a jumpsuit. This look allows versatility and creativity to be used while keeping its foundation strong. Adding in simple jewelry details is a must; the low-hanging necklace ties the whole outfit together without being the center of attention and the cuff full of earrings has the ability to show off the personal style of the Fashionista. Choosing to wear a pair of TOMS black flats was equally stylish as it was sensible. Walking across campus can be a pain and finding shoes that aren’t sneakers but still give comfort is a must for any Fashionista.

The best part about this look is that anyone can rock it! If your closet is lacking in jumpsuits then this look will make it look like your wardrobe is full of them just by switching out the tops. While this pair is great for class, it can be worn to almost any occasion. From study sessions at the library to grabbing a coffee with an old friend, this look will always be a win.

One Simple Change: This look can quickly upgrade from class to meeting the family for brunch in an instant. Switch out the top for a stylish blazer and it’ll go from casual to clean and professional just like that! Bonus points for changing out of the flats into a cute pair of booties.