March 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

If you are like me, winter is the absolute hardest season to dress for. You have to bundle up to walk across campus to class, but the minute you step in the door, sweat beads are dripping down your face. Then about 15 minutes into the lecture, you are freezing again. It is a rollercoaster of a nightmare.

The key to keep your body temperature in check and still look super stylish? Layers. I layer with nearly every outfit I wear. Choose layers that work well together and on their own so that you can pile them on and take them off when needed.

I found this little cutie walking around on a particularly cold day on campus. She said that her fur vest keeps her warm on the way to class, but she takes it off in the buildings so she doesn’t overheat.

Her flannel is thick enough to keep her warm without over doing it. If she gets too hot, she just has to roll up her sleeves. Her boots serve a double purpose of warmth and practicality: they have extra traction for those slick, snowing sidewalks.

This outfit is comfortable and fashionable. Add a few braids to add some playfulness to the look, or style a top knot to keep the outfit chic and sleek.

One simple change: To take this look from day to night, swap out the leggings for a pair of boyfriend jeans and add some heels for a look you can dance the night away in.