February 2nd, 2016 at 2:10am

Across the nation, Fashionistas are heading back to class and ready to hit the campus streets in style. With a new semester comes the challenge of impressing and dressing for days full of classes, meetings, internships and other extracurricular activities. It can be challenging at times to find outfit inspiration in the morning when you have that 8:00 a.m. class to look forward to. Take notes from the Fashionista captured above, as her street style will give influence outfit goals and style envy for how to dress for class.

One of the main challenges a Fashionista faces when planning outfits for the winter months is the transition in temperatures once inside the lecture hall. Many students dress for their arctic commute to class, but once inside they begin to overheat. Dressing in light layers can allow you to overcome the obstacle of classroom climate change. Notice this Fashionista wears her burnt orange wool knit scarf loose. This can allow for her to effortlessly tuck in her backpack until it is time to head back outside. The scarf also brings life to the Fashionista’s ensemble with a pop of color. The burnt orange complements the golden finishes of her Michael Kors coat and her delicate necklaces. She pairs her skinny fitted denim with black suede Chelsea boots to give a casual-chic vibe. The chelsea boot is a perfect choice for a long day of activities, guaranteed to keep any Fashionista looking chic. The black suede gives another element of texture to the outfit. The Fashionista’s coat mixes materials; the leather sleeves and quilted cuffs bring another sense of texture. The black wool will allow her to stay warm on the cold commute to campus. The white T-shirt balances the color scheme of the Fashionista’s look, matching her freshly manicured cuticles.

It can be challenging to choose an outfit in the morning that will keep you comfortable and stylish as you hit the books. When getting dressed, think of using basic pieces, with neutral colors and adding at least one accent color.

One Simple Change: It is Friday afternoon, and now that you are walking out of your last lecture of the day it is finally the weekend! To take this outfit from class to weekend wear in just two steps, switch the skinny fit denim for a pair of destructed, boyfriend fitted, denim. Trade the wool blend coat for a leather, bomber jacket and start your weekend off right with friends.