Have you ever wanted to impress a boy in class, or have you ever just wanted to stray away from your everyday yoga pants? Well the answers to your questions are this outfit right here! As college students, it is easy to roll out of bed and just throw on a sweatshirt and sweat pants for class. However, sometimes it is nice to dress up even if it is just to feel good about yourself! Many students think that dressing up for class is uncomfortable and not ideal for a classroom situation. However, dressing up and still being comfortable is easier than you may think!

Most college students dread the idea of wearing jeans to class. However, with this outfit you will not have to! Wearing black leggings paired with cute boots is the perfect combo to be comfy, yet stylish. Many college students may also assume that you have to wear a stuffy, uncomfortable shirt in order to look nice in class. Wearing a white cotton shirt and loose black blazer is perfect for sitting in a classroom for hours, but still looks extremely adorable. In order to give your outfit the perfect final touch, wear an accessory such as a blanket scarf that adds color to your look, but is also very trendy for the classroom. One more touch you may want to add to your look is an animal skin tote bag that is the perfect size to hold your books and looks nicer than a backpack. 

One Simple Change: You can always add a cashmere sweater underneath the blazer in order to make this outfit warm for the cold winter weather. A sweater underneath the blazer will be compatible with the blanket scarf to complete your winter look.