January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

With the holiday presents safely put in closets and winter break coming to a close it is time to go back to class.

Pulling off a dress in the winter could be difficult due to exposed legs and keeping your arms warm. However, this Fashionista kept warm on her walk to class with opaque black tights. She also found the perfect sweater to sport while walking to class. Instead of a classic cardigan, she went for an edgier look, with a long gray sweater, accented with leather and zippers.

Every outfit comes together with the right accessories. This Fashionista perfectly matched her ankle booties to the dress. Comfortable and stylish, these booties have a nice heel to give her some height but also help her trek through the ice and snow. Finally, she tied the look together with a studded leather bag. Hey, you need to bring your books in something, why should it not stand out? Her oversized bag connects the leather from the sweater and the gray in the dress in the most tasteful manner.

However, the winning piece in this outfit is the dress. This Fashionista embraced the ’70s with this flower child-inspired dress. Between the tribal print and flare sleeves, this dress screams fashionable. The purple and gray also makes it much more subdued and tailored towards the winter season.

So Fashionistas and Fashionistos, now is your time to show off what you bought over break! The first day of class is a time to establish yourself with your professors and peers so make sure you’re the most fashionable one in the class!

One Simple Change: Have an interview right after class? No problem. Switch the sweater out for a black blazer and this outfit is interview-ready! The oversized bag is perfect for a resume and portfolio while the dress and tights are conservative yet, stylish. Just throw on a blazer to add some professionalism to the outfit.