January 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

With winter break coming to a close and the second semester starting up, it can be hard to find motivation to think about class, let alone what to wear to it. This Fashionista combines a few staple pieces to make a great everyday look. This way, you can feel free to hit snooze a few more times while still pulling off a polished look, perfect for syllabus week and class all semester long!

I’ve always lived by the “look good, feel good/dress well, test well” motto, so typically I find myself choosing to wear more fashion forward pieces to class; however, I will admit I’ve had my fair share of leggings and sweatshirt days, but wearing a cute outfit always gives me the motivation to try harder and involve myself more during class. This Fashionista does a great job of piecing together more relaxed pieces with a few structured ones to create a polished look while still maintaining some comfort.

Syllabus week is known for it’s transition from a carefree break to a difficult semester, and since you won’t be up all night studying it’s even easier to try and look presentable for class. A new semester means new classes, new classmates and new fashion statements to be made.

This Fashionista layers her J.Crew flannel with a plain black tank below to help break up the pattern while giving her more warmth. With the unpredictable temperature outside and inside the classroom, flannels make a great top as they are such easy pieces to layer with a a vest, a knit scarf or a peacoat like this Fashionista does. This Fashionista’s rag & bone skinny jeans are a perfect wash for an any day look and its stretchy material make them even more comfortable to wear during class. Tucked into her jeans are her Sperry Top-Siders duck boots which work for pratically any weather during the winter season, while still adding a preppy flair to the overall look.

Whether it be syllabus week or any other week, this Fashionista’s outfit displays the versatility staple pieces can have and the importance to have them in your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Simply adding a skirt with some tights underneath and accessorizing with some jewelry and a pair of booties could turn this classroom attire into a great night on the town look that anyone could pull off!