January 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter break is officially over which means it is back to reality (sad face). Early wake up times, long class days, homework, etc., also, it is pretty much raining here almost everyday since winter has arrived. That’s the one down side to walking to school from my bus stop. On the bright side, spring break is only a month and a half away depending on your school.

Now onto how this Fashionista caught my eye with her amazing red lipstick. I love how she styled her outfit to subtly match. Red lips, red pocket and the red lining on her Converse. This is a perfect combination of cute but comfortable for a long day of class. These T-shirts with different colored pockets on them are fun easy way to make a simple outfit standout. Add in the classic Converse shoes, slightly ripped jeans, the cardigan and the Kate Spade cross-body and you have the perfect first day of class outfit. It’s fun seeing how different people are when it comes to school and how you dress. Depending on what your style is you either dress up for the first day of class then return to sweats or yoga pants, or you’re the one who is always looking cute every time you meet for class. I commend you because that is dedication to style.

One Simple Change: If you’re meeting up with some friends after school to have dinner, bring some booties and add a leather jacket to the mix. Now you’re ready to have a night out with the girls!