January 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

If you were to walk around any college campus in the United States, I think that you would be likely to find that a uniform of leggings, T-shirt and Nike running shoes exists among female students. I’ve heard from several friends that, “You go to class to impress others with your mind, not with your clothes.” And, while I have been guilty of choosing a few more minutes of sleep over a great outfit, I do think that it is possible to impress people with both, and this Fashionista does as well.

This Fashionista, who is a business major, finds a great balance between comfortable and put-together without having to sacrifice her leggings. I found this Fashionista wearing an enviable oversized cardigan. In winter, style tends to be sacrificed for warmth, but by layering with a printed cardigan you can achieve both, and to be honest, there is no better feeling than wearing a cozy cardigan or sweater. She also has on a pair of moto-style leggings that not only add a tough and edgy twist to the outfit, but offer a more dressed-up approach than normal leggings would. She finishes her look with a pair of all black Converse and simple jewelry.

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect blend of comfortable, casual and stylish. And, this look is easily replicated. So, next time you reach for those leggings in the morning, reach for a sweater or cardigan as well, and head to class ready to impress everyone with your mind and outfit.

One simple change: Heading out tonight with your friends? Simply switch out your sneakers for a pair of black heeled booties like this and you’ll be ready to go.