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January 28th, 2016 at 2:07am

Here at UNA, our first day back to class was bright and sunny! Almost as bright as our attitudes as we walked to our 8:00 a.m. classes! Ha. I’m kidding. We all know how hard it is to drag ourselves out of bed to walk through the cold winter air to go to class. We’ve been spoiled with weeks of sleeping in and little-to-no responsibility. Coming back into the real world is a harsh reality that we all must face. Over the break, we were free to lounge around in whatever we wanted. Naturally, the easiest option when picking out an outfit for class, is to pull out whatever is the most comfortable. The best way to combat that feeling is to find something that offers both comfort and style!

Looking around campus, it’s clear to me that people struggle with finding comfort while maintaining style. An easy way to do it is to put together simple pieces with subtle details. This Fashionisto was able to create a visually appealing look with a few simple touches. Instead of a plain gray T-shirt, he went for a thin turtleneck that is just as comfortable, if not more so, than a T-shirt. He added more interest by cuffing his jeans and revealing some gray, fuzzy socks. Finally, to bring his look up another level he threw on a casual leather jacket and some edgy sunglasses. These pieces are not necessarily standouts on their own, but together they build a put together look.

So when you’re getting dressed for class this week, think of ways to take your look from sloppy to comfy-casual. It’s as easy as switching out your staple black leggings for a pair of skinny jeans or jogger pants. Try layering different textures to add warmth and depth to your look.

One Simple Change: Here in Northern Alabama, the weather can change 20 degrees in a matter of one day, so layers are a great way to prepare for temperature change. The best thing about this Fashionisto’s look is it can be modified for warmer weather with a couple small changes. He can leave off the leather jacket and roll up his sleeves or trade out his sneakers for a pair of Birkenstocks and easily take this outfit on into the spring.