January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

We all know how overwhelming class can get, so when the stress gets to be too much and the thought of picking up a pencil makes your head want to burst, we just need to get out and relax. Take a step out in to nature and just let our blood pressure drop. The outdoors have always brought me a sense of comfort, being a part of my life since I was young; camping, fish and hiking trips were common in my family. Stepping outside just feels good. But if you’re in the city or leaves and bugs just aren’t your style, you can bring a little bit of the outdoors to you.

While comfort is key when you’re waking up for your 9:00 a.m. lecture, not looking like a slob is what’s going to keep everyone from running away from you when you have to pick partners. Keeping yourself looking presentable while still minimizing your time needed in the morning is important for classroom style.

Layering and functionality are two major keys to the outdoorsy style; this Fashionisto has got both of these elements down with this look. The relaxed fit khakis are easy to move in and look better than sweats when you’re making your way to class. Throw a flannel on top of your favorite comfy T-shirt for an outdoorsy, casual vibe. A pair of desert boots are a good investment that will go with almost anything. This Fashionisto’s minimalist and stylish watch will help him make sure that he’s on time for class this semester. Even if you’re throwing it on in the dark while your roommate gets to sleep in, you’re good to go for your next early morning class!

One Simple Change: If you’re looking to take this look from classes to weekend festivities, put on one of your school shirts and a hat and you’re ready to go tailgating! Still casual and ready to hang around a grill in the parking lot with your gang, this look is easily transformed to school-spirited weekend wear.