January 12th, 2016 at 2:00am

Winter is in full swing, but we should not have to sacrifice warmth for fashion. While it is tempting to stay in bed and ignore the cold and windy walk to class, picking out a cute outfit might be just the motivation you need! Attending a school with a cooler climate can really limit your closet. However, if the beginning of your spring semester still feels an awful lot like winter use basic pieces to warm up your wardrobe.

A classic black winter coat with gold and leather accents will keep you warm and will go with everything in your closet. This Fashoinista has a winter coat made with nylon and fleece, perfect for any kind of weather. Pair the coat with a sparkly sweater to make a statement as soon as you are warm enough to shed your winter coat. A distressed pair of jeans will add more texture to the outfit. Throw on a pair of tan booties that will hide your thick socks that are so ugly, but keep your feet so warm. Ditch the beanie and instead, go for a head wrap. If you have the lipstick to match your head wrap it really brings the outfit together.

You can have your cake and eat it too! Stay warm and fashionable this winter by centering your outfits on your warmest coats and winter accessories. Let’s stop walking to class and start strutting instead!

One Simple Change: This stylish headband can also keep your ears cozy while tailgating. A lot of teams have headband that allow you to represent your favorite team and stay warm! You could also buy a headband that displays the colors you want to win!