January 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Harsh temperatures really put a damper on fashion during the winter season, as well as crush any sort of motivation one may have had before temperatures dropped below 32 degrees. Going back to school after winter break is especially hard knowing you have to wake up at the crack of dawn, and somehow make yourself look presentable without sacrificing warmth.

This winter, we do not have to sacrifice our style thanks to the newest trend around campus, one that may not seem new to many: the scarf. While a scarf may have been part of everyone’s wardrobe already, this is a new style which is very “fashion forward.” What is popular on campuses today is not ordinary infinity scarves, but “oversized scarves.” By oversized, I mean vastly oversized, to where your neck is completely not visible and it may appear that your head is swimming in a big, round pool of fabric. This is okay, though, because warmth is key.

The oversized scarf is perfect for a rushed morning, which we all have about three times a week. As college students, we crave the ease of waking up and throwing on something cute and comfortable; now, we have the perfect problem solver. It is easy to pair any oversized scarf with a simple pair of colored jeans, a sweater and booties to look casual, yet chic. Round out the outfit and make your morning seem a little less rushed by throwing on a few Alex and Ani bracelets, a watch and some rings. This simple addition adds personality and charm. Another exciting part is that the scarf is versatile enough to work with a range of clothes, from a simple pair of yoga pants or leggings to a more sophisticated dress, letting you wear it for many occasions and not just class.

One Simple Change: For those of you who want to step out on the town on a winter night it is easy to maintain the warmth and style of this simple daytime outfit by just switching the colored jeans to a pair of black leather pants. This quick change takes an already chic outfit from casual to edgy in just seconds.