As the weather begins getting chillier, picking out an outfit can begin to be a daunting task. We all still want to look cute and showcase our unique styles, but sometimes a pair of sweatpants and a giant hoodie can seem like the warmest option.  Especially on a day when the sun isn’t shining and it’s dreary and drizzling, the motivation to look nice can take a backseat to comfort. This Fashionista reminds us that it is possible to combat the cold, stay dry and look chic all at once.

She begins by wearing a pair of warm but trendy black boots.  They are perfect because you can sneak a hefty sock into your ensemble to keep you extra warm, but the black boot still looks stylish.  Next, she adds a simple and versatile pair of black jeans and a cozy black and white sweater.  The sweater is a nice addition because it allows her to add an interesting pattern to her look.  She tops the look off with a black and white wool jacket.  The coat is heavy enough to keep her warm but is cut in a shape that complements her frame and allows her to showcase the rest of her look.  Finally to combat the rain, she adds a warm hat.  Hats are great for rainy days because they make it so that you do not have to worry about your hair getting ruined and you know that you still look put together.

One Simple Change: Make this look transition into a great outfit for Weekend Wear by swapping the boots for some booties that are still warm but also have a heel.  Add some bold lipstick and you will be ready for anything the night has to offer.