November 19th, 2015 at 2:00am

We have officially passed the midway mark in this semester. Where has time gone? While walking around campus this time of the semester, you’ll notice a lot more people in laid-back outfits fit for the long night they’re preparing to spend in library or the mid-day nap they just woke up from. No shame in that, but there is a way to make that comfy outfit look cute.

As much as you want to grab those sweatpants to wear to class, think about how RAD you could look in a pair of pants that are just as comfortable as those sweatpants. I caught this Fashionista making comfy look cute in the simplest way while she was leaving her dorm to go class. She is rocking a newer style of pants similar to “joggers.” These Urban Outfitter pants have just enough color and detail with the pockets and cuffed ankle to make them dressier than your average sweatpants, but they are just as comfortable. She paired the pants with this slightly detailed shirt to give more attitude to the outfit. Going to class in a dressier outfit can be intimidating sometimes, but the ruffle and long sleeves add the perfect and smallest touch that don’t let it cross the line of “too dressy” for class. Although, this Fashionista is killing it in rustic fall booties, they pull the outfit together completely, and they don’t have too high of heal, which still makes them appropriate for class.

Looking nice for class can be extremely difficult for people sometimes, but when you can find a way to make the comfortable clothes look rad at the same time, you’ve got it right. These pants can be paired with so many different tops and shoes but it could be the difference between dressy, casual or lazy and you can change it up for however you’re feeling that day of classes.

One Simple Change: You’ve had a long day of classes and you’re ready for a fun night with your gals. One way to change up this outfit is take this outfit from day to night. Switch the top out for a tight white crop top and keep the layered necklaces and booties on and you’re ready for a good night.