October 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

The semester has started, and students are studying long hours in the library, watching Netflix every chance they get and staying up to finish any papers. With this going on the night before, it can cause little planning in the outfit that we may choose to wear the next day or a different outfit depending upon the time of our first class. It is more than okay to step away from the typical “going to class” look—jeans, rad T-shirt and Vans. Be fun, original and daring with your style like that Chemistry test you have.

This Fashionista expresses her fashion statement as she walks from one side of campus to the next on this busy day, treating Morgan State like her own personal catwalk. Where is she going, you ask? To class, silly! I told you there’s an escape from that T-shirt and jeans combo. With no time to wastem this energetic Fashionista, majoring in Fashion Merchandising, is beyond ready to graduate in May and is all about originality and fun, and her outfit captures it all.

I absolutely fell in love with her Marilyn Monroe midi pleated skirt. Her basic, white, round T-shirt is perfect because it creates more attention on the skirt and you can pick one up from anywhere. Christian Dior said, “Shoes are a very individual matter and you have to choose for yourself,” and what better way to do that than by adding more fun to this outfit with her choice of these black open toe shoes. This Fashionista simply describes to me her style with this statement: I am like Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City, and after that, I could see that by her outfit and big, loose curly hair.

One Simple Change: Do you have a presentation later, but you don’t have much time to change? Swap out the white T-shirt for a classic white button-down with a colored blazer over the top, and you’re ready to kill the presentation with all eyes on you.