As the cold wear is slowly creeping up on us, it’s easy to fall into fall by looking for comfort. College students’ mornings go something like this: BEEP BEEP…snooze… snooze…and snooze. During this time of the day you’re dreaming about what fleece sweatshirt will best match that oversized scarf you love so much. You will wear pretty much anything that is quick to do in the morning, while keeping warm from those chilly goosebumps.

Even if college is a transition period, it’s also the time to break bad habits. Eventually, we will have to look, act and dress like professionals because that is just the world we live in. In a vigorous world that relies on fashion—if you’re not standing out, you’re not making yourself known. That is well understood by this Fashionista who makes herself a statement from the campus sidewalks to the classrooms—an impression that shows all her professors that she is ready for the real world to take her seriously.

Many words come to mind when describing why this outfit works. The Fashionista is completely put together from head to toe. The way her lace-up boots are being pulled off makes them a must-have when shopping for fall boots. The high heel lets her have that height and great posture she’s looking for to be even more businesslike. The dimensions of the outfit come from the length of her baby pink trench coat. It is a chic twist to see a bright color on campus instead of the basic go-to darks, like her burgundy lipstick! The replacement of a backpack for a tote is the easiest way to be that much more polished. The Fashionista’s button down is the key to her style of class.

One Simple Change: Going from a professional setting as a student to more of a weekend wear look? For a more laid back approach, turn in the button-down shirt for a simple white T-shirt. You will pretty much be wearing the same outfit by being a little more simple and ready to sit back and unwind.