October 12th, 2015 at 2:00am

It has been several weeks since the semester has started and the excitement of the new school year has died down. We are adjusting to the schedules and customs of the campus. Class is no longer new and exciting, but monotonous and annoying instead. The excitement of choosing what to wear to make first impressions is long behind us. But going to class always brings the opportunity to express our styles. This far into the semester it may be difficult to find the motivation to put on real clothes to go to an 8 a.m. class, especially when sweatpants and a hoodie are an easy option that wrap you in the comfort of the bed you never wanted to say goodbye to that morning. Just like all aspects of college life, style requires balance. Finding the perfect outfit to keep you comfortable but that also make you walk a little taller with confidence is the goal.

This Fashionisto doesn’t let the routine of classes effect his style and keeps it casual and colorful for class. The half sleeve baseball T-shirt and denim Bermuda shorts combo is perfect for enduring a two hour lecture. The tri-color shirt keeps the look interesting without being overwhelming.The denim Bermuda shorts, without being too tight or too baggy are as comfortable as your favorite pair of blue jeans, but are appropriate for the summer-to-fall transitioning weather. With the addition of the sunglasses and white sneakers, the casual look becomes polished.

One Simple Change: It’s important not to let school be your whole life. If your favorite artist is having a concert in town, take that opportunity to reward yourself. The baseball T-shirt in this look can easily be swapped with a concert T-shirt to show your love for your favorite performer, as well as show off your style.