November 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

Once Upon a time on the campus of Central Michigan University, the clouds swooped in and rain came down. Umbrellas and jackets were worn and some students were wet, but there was a Fashionista who stood out from the rest. There are days when rain falls, and unlike snow, classes are still in session and we walk through the oceans of the sidewalks wishing we were on a boat. However, rain can be a welcome challenge to our style, and gives us a pass to bring out our incredibly RAD rain gear!

This visually pleasing and rain resisting ensemble stopped me in my tracks and I had to back up, flip it and reverse it. It was obvious I had to put her style on a pedestal and give credit to the bold white jacket and transparent umbrella. This jacket is so cool you would think it was from a custom unique boutique. However this Fashionista only bought this Been Trill jacket from PacSun!  When you decide to indulge in the Been Trill brand, I want to mention that there are hashtags included! For example there are  two black hashtags printed on the back of her jacket that represents a branding symbol of Been Trill. I don’t know about you, but I believe using hashtags to represent their brand is #genius.

To contrast against the white, underneath she is wearing an all black outfit. With the contradicting color scheme, her outfit reminds me of Celine’s spring 2015 ready-to-wear collection with a hint of ZDDZ street style. Both collections display the color white like this Fashionista on a bold level. With the two bold colors I believe black and white go together like peanut butter and jelly. Two different dimensions that come together to create a beautiful contrasting collision.  

To clarify, the collision also has a touch of color! Her vivid peach Jansport adds a sweet simplistic touch to her outfit and the right amount of color!

The verdict is stated that this outfit is obviously perfect for the classes. Why is it perfect one would say? Simply because it avoids walking into your class awkwardly soaked and absorbed with rainwater. Her rain jacket repels water easily while maintaining a warm temperature. Not to mention her transparent umbrella is an additional tool to conquer raging rain drops. 

For a further background check, this Fashionista’s major is Apparel Merchandising and Design and she is in a fact a freshman. Let’s just say she is on the right track when it comes her new journey here at CMU.

One Simple Change: If you are heading to the library for a study session, the air conditioner can get chilly! When taking off the jacket when inside, put on a soft sweater in order to keep you warm while you study like a boss!