November 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fall weather in Connecticut is as temperamental as a newborn child. One day it’s 70 degrees and sunny, while the next it’s 40 degrees and snowing. With the weather being bipolar, Fashionistas need to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way. Luckily, fashion houses have prepared us with many designs to stay fashionable in any weather. One trend making its comeback this season is the turtleneck. I love the way the turtleneck looks, but I always have a hard time finding one that fits my neck right. My mission this fall is to find the perfect one fitting my neck without it irritating me.

While on campus I found a Fashionista pulling off this trend on her way to class. She wore a turtleneck T-shirt dress, gray suede boots and suede bag. The colors of her outfit perfectly depicted the fall pantone colors. This look was simple and easy to put together and it added a little more flare than your typical jeans and T-shirt look. She looked put together without looking over the top. While in class, you want to look your best, but also feel your best. It’s the worst when you feel uncomfortable in your clothes while sitting in a long, boring lecture. This outfit fits the comfort bill.

One Simple Change: Besides class, this outfit would be perfect for a brunch. Adding a floppy hat, scarf and necklace would take this outfit to another level. By adding these accessories, she’ll fit in perfectly with the brunch crowd.