You’re frantically running around your room the morning, already late for class, trying to find something to wear and you eventually give up and walk out in your pajamas. Sound familiar? It happens to the best of us and is a typical morning for any college student. Finding an outfit doesn’t have to be a stressful situation though. Our Fashionisto shows you how to easily put together a classic, seasonal outfit when in a rush to get to class.

This Fashionisto is adjusting to the seasonal temperatures by pairing dark skinny jeans with a long-sleeved waffle shirt and a tan cardigan. Dark, skinny jeans add edge to the outfit and contrast nicely with the cream colors on top. Aviators complement this outfit by adding a sophisticated touch to it. This Fashionisto let his outgoing personality shine by wearing polka dot socks with white Keds. Patterned socks are essential when you want to add that extra pop to your whole look, and this Fashionisto is rocking it. This outfit is an easy option to throw together for that early morning class. Our Fashionisto recommends putting together your outfit the night before, in order to ensure you are not late to class!

One Simple Change: If you’re like any other college student, you’re completely booked after class and get no time for rest. While out running those errands, try switching your shoes up to Blundstone boots or combat boots. Additionally, you may want to switch to a flat top baseball cap instead of sunglasses for a great weekend look.