When you find something easy to throw on for class, like a simple white T-shirt or a T-shirt dress, it becomes a staple in your closet that makes looking cute for class a breeze. These basics will become some of your best purchases, since you’ll wear them time and time again. Plus, they can save you from a lot of extra stress while getting ready in the morning, when you probably should be caring more about your upcoming midterms then your clothes. However, since basics are so tempting to wear all the time, you might find yourself wearing them a bit too much, which can make your style feel boring and overdone.

The best way to solve this problem is to stock up on “not-so-basic” basics—meaning they have simple details to keep your look refreshed and on-trend. This Fashionista’s flowy, high-low cut T-shirt is the perfect example. Like every white T-shirt, it’s a classic piece that can be styled in countless ways, and in this case it helps dress down her angular, leather skort so it’s still appropriate for class. The T-shirt’s hemline, however, adds a flirty touch to keep her outfit effortlessly interesting.

This Fashionista explained that this was one of her go-to looks for class, especially because she could still switch it up with accessories—like her amazing Céline sunglasses! Their playful pop of color caught my eye first, and I love how the angular pair plays perfectly off her skort. Even though her boots and bag were busy with covetable logos and prints, their neutral colors kept them from competing with the glasses or from clashing with each other. Her cool T-shirt made the perfect back-drop for it all, as would tank tops with cool necklines or long tops with side slits that follow the same “not-so-basic” basics concept.

Dress up your basic, go-to pieces with fabulous accessories for the long days spent in class. You will always look perfectly on-trend!

One Simple Change: Finally done with a long day of classes? Loose the daytime accessories and add some heeled booties to quickly switch this look from a casual day to a casual night! If you’re really in a time crunch with night classes, you can even stash different shoes and a smaller, cross-body bag in your carry-all tote.