October 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

Happy fall, Fashionistas! With the cold weather settling in and our noses beginning to feel the first few sniffles and sneezes of the season (myself included), it’s very important to establish a few go-to outfits that not only keep you protected from the chill, but can be mixed and matched with other layers at any point in the season. This Fashionista’s versatile wool coat has all the right colors and patterns to keep any wardrobe interesting this fall!

When it comes to picking the perfect outfit for class, I’m personally big on comfortable fabrics that can be mixed and matched again and again, which this outfit accomplishes effortlessly with a white button-down shirt. I absolutely love how this wool coat, worn over top, is smudged with patterns of strong purples and reds. The shades remind me of the autumn leaves as they get deeper and richer in color day by day. Not only does the outfit’s colors fit perfectly with the season, the edgy patterns and shading are a great plus when it comes to pairing with other trendy fall accessories.

Other bonuses to this look include her blue leather purse and medium wash jeans, which give a nice softened touch of color. Her black burlap shoes go great with any fall outfit as well, regardless of pattern, and the finishing touches of light gold jewelry can also be a great method brighten up an endless possibility of future outfit choices!

One Simple Change: Have that sassy pair of purple or crimson leggings just waiting for their perfect match? Try them on and work it! Not only will they make your day a little easier by adding some extra comfort, but they’ll also give you an opportunity to bring out the intensity of these wonderful shades even more!