In the 1970s, college campuses across the country acted as runways for the female population to debut their trendiest looks. Girls strutted around their schools in retro jumpsuits, palazzo pants and patterns galore. Armed in fringed everything and sky-high platforms, these New Age women took both style and their studies very seriously.

This Fashionista perfectly exemplifies the current return to ‘70s fashion through the neutral colored plaid print of her dress. Plaid was a staple in the 1970s, as seen on skirts, tops or even loafers. Just ask Marcia Brady and she’d probably go on for hours about how far out her favorite plaid miniskirt is. (Cue Jan’s whiny “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.”).

The patterned shift dress is perfect for class because it is an easy and fashionable ensemble to put together. Simply add a vintage-looking city backpack to add yet another element of ‘70s fashion, a pair of go-to boots and head to campus and you’ll be acing your wardrobe as well as your classes.

While popular culture often portrays the 1970s as a tacky, shag-carpeted peace and love daydream, it was actually a time of serious strides in fashion. College students of the ‘70s expressed their open-mindedness and adoption of freer social norms through their loose, casual, funky clothing. Perhaps the similar, open mindset of today’s college youth is a contributing factor to the current resurgence in ‘70s fashion.

One Simple Change: Need to complete some errands after class? Retain the easy, loose shift dress and comfortable boots but turn in the backpack for a larger tote bag. Add a pair of round mirrored sunglasses and you’re set for a groovy day.