My mom gives great advice. I go to her for everything and I definitely received my love of clothes from her. One of my favorite pieces of advice that she has ever given me is to dress like a teacup. Styrofoam cups are easily forgotten and thrown away, but china teacups are treasured. Which cup do you want to be?

Dressing for class is an important and difficult task. Most of the time we just want to roll out of bed, throw a big sweatshirt on and call it a day. This is perfectly fine for some, but I believe that when you look good, you feel good. As crazy as it sounds, dressing for success can change your mood and your outlook on the day! Right now, school is our job and I believe we should dress appropriately for that.

On my way to class the other day I spotted a Fashionista who represented the ultimate teacup. She was wearing a pink long-sleeved chiffon dress with some tall brown riding boots and a simple necklace. What was the occasion? She was simply going to class.

I admired her for her ability to demonstrate style and grace while going to school. It is never easy to get up and look nice, but she explained that it made her feel ready to conquer the world.

The combination of the dress and the riding boots was perfect for fall. You would never really think of light pink as being a typical fall color, but the boots complemented the dress and created an overall harmony to the outfit.

This look is great for class because it is comfortable, but classy. She looks prepared for anything that might come her way and this ensemble demonstrates that she is serious about her studies.

One Simple Change: Fall is the opportune time to snag an interview from your dream company at your school’s career fair. Add a structured navy blazer to this look and you’ll be sure to impress potential future employers.