October 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

The middle of the semester is upon us and you know what that means: midterms, papers and maybe some not-so-productive binge watching of that certain show you’ve been loving. Sometimes, being in college leaves little to no free time for sleep, let alone choosing an outfit! Though I can empathize because, trust me, I’ve been in that mood when the real question in the morning isn’t, “This shoe or that shoe?” but rather, “More coffee or more coffee?” I always smile when I see other impeccably dressed Fashionistas/Fashionistos on campus. This Fashionista decided to keep things fun and chic while staying true to her “less is more” philosophy.

Neutral tones combined with a bold pattern are what caught my eye when I spotted this Fashionista walking through the agora on campus. It is clear that the floral skirt is the focal piece of the outfit and this Fashionista decided to let it speak for itself. The vibrant red, green and blues go well with the neutral tones found in her jacket and brown combat boots. The caramel tote is a great staple for the transitioning fall weather. The rich leather allows the bag to be durable enough to slide in a notebook or two as you rush to class, and the gold accents are great with styling even the most minimal accessories.

Not only can the interesting mix of bright and neutral tones work for a sunny day, but they also allow for a nice contrast to those cloudy days that Floridans are all too familiar with. Is it just me or do those days sometimes foreshadow the long work week ahead? How can you get rid of that muggy feeling? Like this Fashionista, apply a statement lip that matches one of the colors found in the pattern of your choosing and (voilà!) you have your very own superwoman cape!

One Simple Change: Got out of class early and want to relax with your girls? Whether you decide to go out to a restaurant or catch a movie, try switching the brown combat boots for some ballet flats for a more polished finished.